We are excited to announce the HEARding Cats Collective Masked Halloween Ball, a multimedia omnielectric party experiment in real/past/future times. 

The event will feature three levels of sound and video synthesis, all designed to present time and space in a fantastical and ritualistic manner. As the past becomes the present and perception becomes unreliable, your mind will melt away into the continuum of electronic space-time. 

Taking place at the William A. Kerr Foundation, HEARding Cats Collective artists will design a cohesive experience and platform for live sound and video improvisation. Omnidirectional sound will emanate from corners and basements. Video cameras will capture and process participants. Dancers will sweep and swoop.

Video processing, recording, and projecting will utilize the attendees wearing costumes as subject matter. It is vital to the success of the event that you wear your most elaborate and otherworldly costumes. To encourage this, attendees wearing costumes will receive free admission. All others pay the usual sliding scale.

The event takes place Sunday October 27, 8PM, @ The William A. Kerr Foundation, 21 O'Fallon St, St. Louis, MO 63102. Free admission to attendees wearing costumes, all others $20 general admission / $10 students and artists.

The event is organized by Rich O’Donnell with sound and video by Mike Murphy, Venus Slick, Rich O’Donnell, Kevin Harris, Chad Eivins, and Blake Butler. Delicious spirits and halloween treats provided by LUM YUMS!