HEARding Cats Collective is pleased to present Symprov Trio, three present and former members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra performing improvised music - and the opening event of our 2019/20 season!

Musicians Rich O’Donnell (abstract drum kit), Asako Kuboki (violin), and Tim Meyers (trombone) will be performing at this event. It is a rare chance to see these world class musicians participating together within a free form structure, a departure from the disciplined approach required for symphonic music.

The event takes place at MaTovu, a recently renovated Jewish temple in south city, now serving as a community organization. This acoustic and symbolic environment make comprise an ideal space to witness the powerful and mysterious nature of improvised music.

In addition, the event will feature live improvised analog video synthesis by artist Kevin Harris.

The event takes place 9/29 @ 7pm. MaTovu is located 4200 Blaine Ave, St. Louis, 63110.

$20 General admission - $10 Artists and Students